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REQ: More visually intuitive Matchboard

Hello, everyone

I personally prefer simple lines (without background color) in Matchboard. So, I'd like to request this as an option, not as a replacement (as always).


And now, I must confess I like the TM results pane of Wordfast Pro 3, simply because the matches are shown in different colors according to the match rate (visually easier to grasp what is what).

So, when I imagine this feature being realized on Matchboard, it would look like this:


Here, exact matches from whatever resource at whatever level (segment or fragment or term) are shown with no background color, whilst fuzzies are colored (I have to admit this might be a bad example .... EMs should be highlighted!)

Hopefully, which color to use for which type of match would be at the user's discretion, as is possible with WFP3.

BTW: The red heart mark you see in the table indicates this entry has additional information such as notes or references. And clicking on this mark would automatically navigate the user somehow to where he/she can see the additional information.

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