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Regular Expression Question

I have a HUGE excel file that is mostly data, and I need to search the source for the little bits that actually need translation.

Could someone tell what the regular expression would be to search for any/all Japanese characters in the source?

I don't Jason, though I found this somewhere: /[一-龠]+|[ぁ-ゔ]+|[ァ-ヴー]

However, would't this do:



Or even easier/combined with the above:



Thanks for the tip, but I don't think that will work as letters are often mixed in with Japanese.

Not every single segment obviously, but many will have letters.

This is not a regex, but if you want to find segments that contain Japanese, the easiest way is to use the Search feature to find very frequently used Japanese characters like the following.

These characters should be found in almost all Japanese sentences.


And what do they mean?

They are like English punctuations, brackets, prepositions, particles, and so on that almost always appear.

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