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My personal website for Japanese CafeTran users (here) will be closed in several months due to the termination of the hosting service.

I haven't decided yet whether to open a new one.

Why don't you just move your content to a location that a kind person provides free of charge?

Yeah, that's the problem.

I created my site with a web authoring tool for Mac. But I sold off all my Macs. And now I have a different tool for Windows. Both tools have their own unique/preset features, and may not be fully compatible. In fact, Microsoft's free web authoring tool cannot present my site as it should be.

I'm afraid that a great amount of work will be needed to reproduce the site exactly.


You can download the HTML content with a site download tool like ??httptractor. Then you can publish these files at a new location. Possibly, you'll have to correct the paths with textpad of notepad++
I'll do my best.


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