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REQ: Best Practices for glossary

This is what the source side of a small glossary looks like when "Head" is in the source segment:


"Look up word stems" (this should be a TB-baeed, not a general setting) is off.

CT offers plenty of powerful settings for the TB, but CT users are forced to do try and error, as it lacks documentation.

  • Could you please create an article beyond the very basics (in the Q&A under "Working with Glossaries")? 
  • The entry "Head" will not be triggered by "Head," or "Head;" in the basic configuration, at least not in mine. If this is the case, this is not acceptable.
  • If there are entries "Head" and "Heads", the second should overrule the shorter one (and this shorter one should not be displayed). This is a basic requirement.

Hi Torsten,

The Glossary option called "Prefix matching" (see it the Edit > Preferences > Glossary tab) must be involved here. It was on by default when it was first introduced but as it may cause too much fuzziness, it was off by default in the subsequent updates.

There ain't no such thing as too much fuzziness. You cannot have enough of it in life. It's the exact things that cause troubles.

I must confess I did not pay attention to this setting. In the next days I will see if this helps.

But the lack of documentation persists (anybody saying "wiki")?

It's the exact things that cause troubles.

Maybe, but I am German. Germans always need exact things, even if it results in a pain in the ass.

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