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Tag display in Update 20

This is what can be observed in Update 20:


Below a screenshot from the target segment.



Doc file project created under Mac, opened under Windows (where the same small tags appear) and reopened under Mac (where the screenshots are from).

The bigger numbers are the usual display (o at least have been it).

You are aware of a new entry in the View menu? You can set the size of the tags in the source segment here:


Okay, this resolves the first screenshot, but not the second, where two font sizes coexist (before changing anything).

I experienced the same issue "within" Windows (no reopening in Mac).

It was when I returned to a translated segment and changed tag placement: the newly inserted tag was shown in the latest set font size (larger than the default), but the others weren't.


Practically, no problem. But "aesthetically," not welcome.

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