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How to align two MS glossaries

There are several ways to align the attached Microsoft glossaries in such a way that you get a table (or TMX) with four columns (entries):

German term

Dutch term

English term


How would you proceed?

Does CafeTran have the tools to achieve the task?

Any preparation in MS Excel needed?

(8.84 MB)

I think that a TMX for terms is quite simple to create. Should I create a property for the definition field, in the header?
Best make the English source field a properly too, right? To make it visible in a German > Dutch project Or should I go for a tab del glossary? Wth four columns German dutch English definition

Aligning two files of different sizes the usual way is sheer impossible, though I imagine a "pretranslate" first may work. Assuming you still only translate from German into Dutch, I suggest the following, in the usual simple but effective Hans van den Broek way:

The file you need for your CT workflow is

the DE-NL glossary. Import the TBX file in a TMX file, and Bob is your aunt

The file I assume you need for reference only (as it is more complete) is

the EN-DE glossary. Open the Excel file, cut the crap, save as tab del text, import it into the SQLite database. As I mentioned in a post I happily deleted a few days ago, you can open and search a table even if it's the "wrong" language combination. Since it's for reference, you won't need it often, but when you need it, the search - either in EN or in DE - will be blistering fast.


>the DE-NL glossary. Import the TBX file in a TMX file, and Bob is your aunt

There is no such a file. The aim of my exercise is to create one. Besides that, CafeTran doesn't recognise the TBX flavour.




Yes, there is indeed a TBX entry in the Memory menu. I've noticed that. But the MS TBX files weren't imported into a new TM that I created.

Anyway. I decided (for now) to create a ... glossary. I've saved STEP 8 of the procedure, so I can always create a TMX too.

Here's how it looks:


And you can follow the steps I took by scrolling through the screenshots in the archive here:

Just to be sure, I rechecked the import of the attached TBX file. It indeed wasn't imported. Okay, I'll move on now ...




Or would that be because I've not defined the correct SL and TL? :(

Yep, that was it. What a joke :).


I want to play around a little more with TMX files. Is my assumption correct that the only way to have the original, US English source displayed in a German > Dutch project, would be via an extra field?

Will a third language be displayed in the tabbed pane?

Well Hans, why don't you check it out yourself?

>Well Hans, why don't you check it out yourself?

And so I did ...






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