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REQ for a new type of auto-propagation

I'd like to request an additional type of auto-propagation: auto-propagation to other segments (forward only) (= subsequent segments only).

And if possible, an option to overwrite an already propagated translation with a new one in all relevant segments or only in subsequent relevant segments (= quick auto-propagation renewal).

As regards the second request, my idea is:

1. Use filtering to pick up only AP'd segments. It is desirable if I can choose whether to pick up all those segments (both backward and forward) or only those segments that follow (forward only).
2. Somehow replace all the translations at once, hopefully with one click.


Masato: to other segments (forward only) (= subsequent segments only).

I see what you mean, but wouldn't that be only useful for Statistics? That is, the identical translation will be inserted anyway, when you arrive at the 100% match if you disabled propagate all-together  I do agree though that you should be able to disable "retropagate", but that will be disabled when you disable "propagate" if you don't care about Statistics. Am I missing something?


I think I am missing something. Is the following:

  • Propagate is only useful for Statistics
  • Retropagate is very useful if you made a mistake in the translation of what turned up as a perfect match, disastrous if you made the change for other reasons
true or false?


I'd like to resume this request.

My CTE setting for auto-propagation is normally "Auto-propagation forward only" unchecked. However, in some circumstances, for instance when I realize that I made a mistake in previous identical segments, I would like to have the possibility to activate the function for those segments only, that is not globally through Preferences (because it would be easy to forget that setting afterwards).

Therefore, would it be possible to add an "Auto-propagation forward too" option in the source editor (right-click)?

Thank you for considering.

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