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Importing E - D into D - E memory


as already mentioned befor, i changed to Cafetran a few months again, but the Trados world is still in my mind. So this is why I have the following question.

- I have a memory for legal translations English to German

- Also a memory for legal translations German to English

- Both memories are partially identical, i.e. have identical segments, just in different language directions

I now discovered that in Cafetran you seem to need only one memory which you can revert. Question:

How can I import memory E - D into memory D- E and ensure that the segment are not duplicated?

And how can I import memory D - E into E - D and yet again avoid duplication?

Is there a process for this?

In the end I would like to have only one memory whose language direction I can then revert.

I hope I was able to explain my issue.

Kind regards and have a nice evening


Put them both in the same folder. Create a new project en > de from a sample document Open the folder via the memory menu. When asked so save, assign a name. Now you have a merged memory.

Hi Nicolette,

You can achieve it in two steps:

1. Merge the two memories.

   - Put them in one folder.

   - Activate the Memory menu via View > Show memory menu

   - Go to Memory > Open memory folder...

   - After loading the segments, save the merged TMs as one - Memory > Save memory as...

   - Reopen the project but this time choose the merged tmx translation memory. 

2. Remove the duplicate entries.

   - Activate the Task menu via View > Show Task menu.

   - From the Task menu, choose either Remove TMX duplicate units or Remove TMX duplicate source segments (the target may be different here)

   - Save the memory via Memory > Save memory.

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