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QA terms consistency while using pipes

I want to use the QA check Terms consistency (glossary) and I'm having problems with it: I'm getting way too many false positive, that I don't understand.

These are my settings:


I've temporarily disabled Look up word stems for this QA, because I don't want to let it interfere with the QA.



I've enabled Prefix matching and Regular expression (though I'm not sure about the necessity of the latter).

My glossary contains entries like:

einstellbar|e trennend|e Schutzeinrichtung| instelbare TAB afscherming

feststehend|e trennend|e Schutzeinrichtung| TAB vaste afscherming

nichttrennend|e Schutzeinrichtung| TAB beschermende voorziening

Schrittschaltung| TAB bewegingsbeperkend besturingsorgaan

Why do I get false positives like:




Luckily there's also something that works okay  :). Have a look at this nice entry that's being recognised correctly:


However, I'd like to get rid of the 192 false positives. How can I?

Martin, I'm especially hoping to benefit from your wisdom in this :).

Nope? No help? Okay, I'll have to remove the fuzziness and enter all possible conjugations of the entries :(.

Hi Hans,

It looks like you set too much fuzziness with the Glossary Prefix matching on. Disable it in the Glossary tab during QA. The one QA Prefix maching option should be enough.

Looks like something for the evening hours, to experiment with :). Show must go on now. Thanks!

Here's some extra info that's very relevant:

Note that QA Prefix matching in QA preferences relates to target terms 
matching (glossary target terms and current segment target term) while 
the Prefix matching option in Glossary preferences relates to the regular 
source term matching against current segment terms. 

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