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File format

Hi people!

Is there anyway (or am I missing something?) to translate .po/.pot/.srt ? If not, do you know any way to convert them into a suitable format for CafeTran and converting them back to their original format?

You can use the demo of Swordfish ( to create an XLIFF file from a PO file. This XLIFF can be translated in CafeTran. Afterwards, you'll have to use Swordfish again to create the translated PO.


As you can see here, a regular expression tagger would be most welcome for CafeTran. A PO filter has been mentioned by the developer. Not sure about the status.

(83.7 KB)
(27.7 KB)

RegEx tagger, like this:




Isn't that beautiful? (Content of tags visible in Projects pane and when hovering over the tags.)

I'ts a little dissapointing, but I'm doing it this way. I think file formats and folder processing (real folder batch and not just one folder level, as in OmegaT or any other CAT tool) are the weak points of CafeTran. I'll wait to see some more formats (like .po/.pot, .srt...) in the future. Thanks for replying!

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I second the request for those file formats and for support for sub-folders.

Using OmegaT for .po/.pot files right now (btw, OmegaT new version [4.x] has made excellent advancements)

And Aegisub for subtitles, so I can have the audio/video as well...

> real folder batch and not just one folder level

Have you tried creating a project in CafeTran with multiple and/or nested folders? This option has been available for a few months.

But not for alligning thou.

Bummer, I just installed Cafetran only to find out that it does not natively work with PO files. 

This would be a very welcome addition to the list of supported file formats ...

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I agree!

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