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Needed integrated display of all non-web resources

To make use of non-web resources fast (fuzzy matches, memory fragments etc.) they all should be displayed permanenetly in one pane and numbered so as to insert them with keyboard shortcuts (like in memoQ). Having to use seperately F 1 and F 2 key for display is too slow. The option with automatic pop-up window only partially solves this problem, and is a bit irritating.

As regards non-translatables, and other resources too, they should be listed in order of appearance in the source segment. Currently, numbers follow this rule, but proper names and whitespaces don't, it's inconsistent and confusing.



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You've just mentioned what I've been feeling is missing in CafeTran ....

A one-stop solution which memoQ users would boast of: Listing of all matches from whatever resource, highlighted with different colors and tints, all arranged in order of appearance (if the user wishes).

As long as dragging over text with the mouse keeps possible, I can agree with the above.

Wojciech: like in memoQ

But that's a rather primitive tool that lacks Auto-Assembly, the core feature of CafeTran. If CT's AA doesn't come up with the right term, you should change your settings. If that happens frequently, "you're holding it wrong" (as we Macs say), but you can still join resources, float them, or dock them to a spot where they are always visible (like I do with resources of the client).


I do not suggest any revolutionary change. I only mean that everything uder F 1 and F2 list could be displayed in one pane with numebered items on the list, which you could have displayed as a tab or hidden, like with other tabs. No green marking would be necessary then. With respecting order of appearance according to the source segment and fast copying with the mouse of text fragments that would be a great tool. Predictive typing in Cafe Tran is so good that it is often a waste of time to open additional windows and click anywhere.


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