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Cafe Tran and Audio Glitches

I am not sure if this is maybe a Java issue or configuration issue,

but lately when I hit Alt+Down arrow to transition to the next segment, I will get a few audio clicks and cutouts while CafeTrans processes memories.

Any idea what I might try to do to fix this?

P.S. It isn't every single segment, and sometimes it happens when performing other operations as well, but mostly when proceeding to the next segment.

Just to understand this: you mean that you are listening to music and that CafeTran causes drop outs?

Yes, probably due to lost/dropped packets.

Wow, that's pretty tech talk for me :).

I think that I understand what you mean. So, nothing has changed in your hardware or opened applications and suddenly -- perhaps after installing the newest build -- CafeTran takes probably too much/more processor load?

Yes, that's interesting, from a technical point of view :).

Yeah, USB is best-effort, like UDP within TCP/IP.

Anyway, I guess I will try some computer audio forums for help on this.

Actually, after updating to the latest version today, this problem is much worse now.

It is happening 40 to 60% of the time now.

Also, the amount of memory taken by Java (CafeTran) keeps steadily increasing.

Currently at 2.15 Gb and climbing. Climbs with each segment as I progress through a project.

Just FYI. After working for another 30 minutes or so, the Java memory usage is now up to 2.43 Gb.

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