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Unlisted change?

Is it just me or has the use of the TAB key in the translation editor been changed?

When I press TAB, I get a tab inserted. Before this build, it brought me to opposite segment:

Tab works 'normally' in Find dialogue box ... Okay, will have to change it from F12 to TAB again.

Yet another unpublished change?

How can I insert TAB here?

Please check it in View > Segments panes > Cycle focus with tab key.

Yep, but it doesn't stick. I'm resetting my settings now :(

Okay, I've created new settings. TAB works again :)


Today I started CafeTran anew, reopened an SDLXLIFF project and suddenly the TAB key inserts a tab character again instead of switching to the opposite segment box.

This is really, really annoying.

Will reboot my iMac now and get a new coffee :(.

Rebooted, TAB key cycles focus between source and target segment. Now the quest will start to find what's causing this behaviour of CafeTran not remembering what the TAB key is supposed to do (for me).

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