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Glossary's notes

Hi folks!

I'm finding the glossary tool a bit rudimentary, I'd like to know two things:

1. Is it possible to enter notes (like context) with terms into a glossary?

2. Is there any way to make Auto completion use glossary entries?


Correction: You'll have to enter some descriptions on the Definition tab:

Then you'll get this display in the tabbed pane:

And this New term dialogue box:

You can find an example glossary attached. Please have a look at the header.

(140 Bytes)

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¡Ola Victor!

Is this the info you needed?


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It's not rudimentary but actually quite advanced. Yes you can make these notes. How many fields does your New term box show? AC should take all glossary target terms.

Just two, source term and target term

This is what the term window should look like:

On the left side you can check/uncheck any TB (here only one). You can enter several terms by separating them with ";" and you can enter wildcards/stem by adding "|" at the end of a source term.

And there are even more options …

You can change the names of the fields here:

Best start with a new glossary, e.g. a project glossary, and check the names in the header, like:

#de-DE TAB #nl-NL

for only source and target. The names for the other fields can be added, or actually: CafeTran will add them for you when creating a new project glossary.

If you want to use these extra fields in an existing glossary, you'll have to expand the header with the new fields.

I'm not sure whether you'll have to add the extra tabs to those lines that don't have any content in any extra field. If so, best use Excel for that.

Oh yes! Thanks a lot, now I understand It. The thing is that I have a workflow coming from OmegaT and memoQ and CafeTran makes things differently, thanks again :).
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