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Addding formatting in word files messes up font - please fix

Hi Igor,

in a .docx file, when text with added formatting (italics in this case) is exported, the font is changed and indeed remains changed for the remainder of the paragraph after the italicised text. (The original font is Calibri, it's changed to Times New Roman, which - you've guessed it - is the default ["normal"] font for the document. [I know this is not good practice, but everyone does it and we all have to work with files like this all the time.])

To clarify, I'm talking about adding formatting by selecting target text, right-clicking and selecting the 'i' (italics) icon, which places little 'I' tags around the text in CT.

This of course makes this feature completely useless.

Please fix!



I asked a similar question to CafeTran support about three years ago, and here's what Igor replied:

"As far as I remember, when applying custom formatting (not via tags transfer) CT takes the current paragraph font or the document font (if the paragraph font inherits from the document font). I will get back to this someday to tune this feature. "

A also find those changes of font (or font size) quite annoying, and I hope there's a way to tune CafeTran so that the font and its size are left untouched.


 hope there's a way to tune CafeTran so that the font and its size are left untouched.

Yes, the formatted text should carry on with the preceding font. Expect this change in the coming update.

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Will the font size stay the same too?

Hey Igor, I thought this had been fixed.
If so, it appears to have since been unfixed.
Can you please take a look/clarify.


It has been fixed so that the preceding font size is applied to the formatted text. If you bump into an issue, please submit a ticket attaching a source document and describing it in a little more detail.

Mixing of the custom formatting with the transferred formatting should be better now. It will be officially announced in update 3. I have just added it to the recently released update 2 as well. If you are eager to try it out, please download and apply the update 2 again.

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