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Is there a character that Hunspell ignores?

Is there a character that I can use as a mnemonic in strings and that Hunspell ignores?



Hunspell sees the ampersand as a word boundary:

Is there any character (either visible or invisible) that I can use to define the location of the mnemonic, but that isn't considered as a word boundary by Hunspell?

I've found a solution for this. Not via a character that is ignored by Hunspell, but via non-translatables.

With the attached file mnemonics with an underscore character are treated as non-translatables and thus ignored during spell-checking:

(149 Bytes)

Oops, big mistake. This work-around only works for menu names that don't change (real invariants):



And not for menu names that have to be translated. So, the question is still open :(.

Question: Is it possible to add regular expressions to the Hunspell custom dictionary?

Why not check it yourself, Hans?

Okay, I found that I deserved a 2nd chance. Studied this:

And came up with this:

WORDCHARS '’0123456789ij.-\/_

# Added underscore character for use in mnemonics

# Allow use of underscore for mnemonics


2 additions of the underscore to  nl_NL.aff

BTW: I also added: 

# Set max. number of n-gram suggestions


Because Hunspell often gave too much suggestion.


Not flagged as typos anymore

Looks like this part doesn't work:

# Set max. number of n-gram suggestions


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