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Add terms to read-only glossary

Add terms to read-only glossary: yup that really sounds weird, doesn't it?

Nevertheless I'd like to request the possibility to do so ...

Here's the scenario:

  • Client sends me an ongoing project that previously has been translated by another translator--who used different terminology than I do.
  • I have to stick to this terminology because it's referred to in screens etc.
  • I'm happy to add the terms to the client's glossary, but I've set it to read-only.
So, in this dialogue box:

I'd welcome a deactivated checkbox [ ] CG for the client glossary.

But perhaps it's better to work with two client glossaries, both with priority High? The one that the client delivered (read-only) and the one that I create on the fly, containing those client terms that I personally wouldn't use, priority High too. 

After finalising the project merge the two?

If you deactivate the checkbox, it'll stay deactivated when you open the "Add term" dialogue again to add another term. Perhaps that helps.


Thanks for reminding me, Martin!

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