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Questions from novice users

Hi all,

When you have any questions about CafeTran, please post them here. Give us as much information as you can, including screenshots.

If you're in a polemic mood or want to criticise anything, please feel free to use the dedicated Coffee Talk forum for this.

Thanks for your cooperation and good luck with exploring CafeTran!

Hello !

I'd like to know if there's a proper way of using the "Statistics" panel. 

Can Espresso track a project's accumulated time ? I would like to know, in the end, how long it took me to translate my files and have no particular interest in knowing that I have worked 7 hours on it today. Is there a way to get the software to keep tracking over multiple sessions ?

Maybe a file with a summary is generated at the end of a translation ? 

Also, I noticed the statistics did reset to 0 during a single session today. I was well into the third hour of translation when I took a look and the tracker was showing 15 minutes. I don't recall doing anything particular at all, apart from typing my translations. 

Thank you for your help and knowledge !

Hi Gauthier,

The latest build of CafeTran Espresso changes project's Duration from this session only to accumulated sessions time. Please update to CafeTran Harbinger aka Release Candiate 4:

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I cannot find my way in CafeTran.
In memoQ I created a very comfortable environment.

Since I translate in 3 language pairs, I created 3 projects. Let's say:
lang1-lang2 projects

lang2-lang1 projects

lang3-lang2 projects

lang3-lang2 projects
For each project I have specific TMs and glossaries allocated.
I also have a separate segmentation rule for each source language (including specific abbreviations).

All these are stored in separate folders on a solid state drive (SSD).

After the job was done I save the final translation on a separate drive ( HDD), where I have separate folders for each client.

After I get a new job I don't create a new project, but I simply add the files to the appropriate project (language pair). (Maybe for a very large project including e.g. 100 files I will create a new, separate project, of course.) Context searches are easier this way.

So – my question – is there a way to recreate this confortable environment in CafeTran?
What I see now is that every single document opens as a new project.

mazarin: there a way to recreate this confortable environment in CafeTran?

If I understand your question correctly, there is: Just open the project file (.xlf) in the Dashboard's drop-down menu, or drop it on the Dashboard, or after closing the DB, open it in the Menu|Project, and Add document. The project file saves which TMs you used, so you can start right-away. You may have to move the project file/folder from the HDD to the SSD, of course.


By the way, .tmx files (TMs for both segments and terms) are loaded into the RAM, so I think there's no need for them to be moved to the SSD. Not for "speed" reasons anyway.


My total RAM is 4GB, so it would be strange to see a 5GB DGT memory uploaded in it.

mazarin: My total RAM is 4GB, so it would be strange to see a 5GB DGT memory uploaded in it.

In that case, your operating system will create a swap file on the disk that holds the OS. If that's the SSD, it should be reasonably fast.

However, I strongly recommend to import the DGT in the SQLite database ("Total Recall"), and use Recall Memory (segments). That should speed up things considerably.


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