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Lost cursor focus

Maybe this only concerns Mac versions, when the F&R window is open

  • cursor is in a segment
  • mark terms in source in target and source segment
  • press TB shortcut and confirm term. TB window closes
  • you are in the F&R window now, although you weren't there before. This means: segment cannot be confirmed with the corresponding shortcut, you need to move the mouse/trackpad
This can be due to the fact that the F&R window is always in the foreground.

Before confirming a term, you are often in the source segment (as in most cases you will mark the target term first and then the source term). Would it make sense to jump automatically to the source segment after confirming the term? Even if you enter several terms, you might (again) mark the target term first.

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Note: the F&R dialogue can be closed with Escape to regain the focus on the source or target segment.

But does it make sense to close the already opened Window A just because I opened and closed Window B?

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