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CafeTran on a USB drive?

I am shopping for new laptops.

With all the different screen size and resolution options available now, 

I would really like to actually take CafeTran with me and work on my current project for 15-20 minutes to really see if a certain screen size/resolution combo will work.

Is there a way to do this by putting it on a USB drive or something?

The problem will probably be Java. Are you going to test CafeTran in computer shops? Will they allow you to install Java? You could copy the Java installation package to the stick too. Note that you'll be run nun CafeTran in unlicensed mode. See the limitations that apply.

Yeah, I meant being able to use my licensed copy somehow.

Wouldn't Java already be installed by default on most computers?

Yeah, that could be a problem if it is not already installed.

Wouldn't Java already be installed by default on most computers?

I do not think so. But maybe Apple retailers (real licensed retailers, not the Apple corner in any other shop) might be a bit more generous concerning testing than „ordinary“ sellers. At least mine is.

Two possible approaches: 1. install OS X on a usb drive with Java and CafeTran and boot from this drive, 2. Ask Igor to bundle CafeTran with Java to make an executable file (like Minecraft)

Thanks for the info guys.

Lenovo was running a Labor Day sale that ended yesterday, so I just went ahead and ordered a P50 workstation.

Does anyone know how to transfer one of my licenses to the new machine once it arrives?

Congrats. Just install CafeTran on your new Laptop. Transfer the auxiliary files from the old machine. Start CafeTran and open the Help and About dialogue. Copy the machine ID and send it to
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