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Minor bug: Auto-completion suggestions carried over from one translation to the next

I'm just doing my second translation of the morning, and large numbers of very verbose (= whole sentences) auto-complete suggestions from the previous translation of the morning keep popping up. Shouldn't auto-compete be flushed between translations?

On a second point, typing "this" (the case in question here) shouldn't be bringing up whole sentences and sentence segments starting with "this" anyway should it? (Which is what it's doing.)

Note I'm probably a couple of updates behind, so it has just been fixed, please ignore.

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Amos: Shouldn't auto-compete be flushed between translations?

No idea if I'm right, but I can imagine restarting CT for a new project might help. I wouldn't be surprised if the Auto-Complete fragments are saved in the RAM. Nothing surprises me anymore.


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