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How to remove working language from Dashboard drop-down list

I would like to remove a language from Source and Target in the  beginning of the drop down lists made for the working language pairs.

How can I achieve this?

Can you post a screenshot please? My imagination is all used for a new feature already.

Here it is

Sorry, I cannot read the image. However, instead of removing languages from lists: you can just type any language code supported: es_ES, en_GB etc. With AutoHotkey or KeyboardMaestro you can further simplify the setting of languages to the press of one key. Does that help?

If you click the link and not the thumbnail, it should open the image (freshdesk...)

I simply tested a language I do not want to use (Dutch in the screenshot) and would like to remove it from the quick list (not the full language list) in the drop-down list for source and target language.

Thanks! I've seen the picture. Sorry, but you cannot customise this list.

In the coming update, you will be able to remove a language from the list of working languages via the right-click at the language box.


Great, thank you Igor!

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