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Fragment puzzle

Today I had about a dozen of these fragment hits in my TM before the first real hit.

Wouldn't it make sense to exclude this kind of fragment hits without any letter from being shown up?

Yes. I agree. And I remember that I've already requested this long ago. For now: Task > Remove segments without letters and the feature to delete individual TUs by clicking on the number after the vertical bar.

Thanks for pointing this out.

"Task > Remove segments without letters" is right now a good substitute IMHO, but it would be nice to have a kind of "TM maintenance mode", "TM maintenance assistant" or maybe "TM maintenance window" for this to do this and other maintenance jobs, also across different TMs (perhaps even TBs).

Maybe a kind of "you have now confirmed 10.000/100.000 segments with CT. Do you want to run a TM maintenance now?" (or: after x weeks, after y months etc.). This is not a joke, I think this can be a nice refinement of your TMs other programs do not offer. Many functions are already available, but they are spread around in the menus. Nice for the experts, but even then hard to get the habit.

Wouldn't that be the result of the (in)famous virtual matches? In that case, the only thing you could try, is raise the threshold for them. If << occurs hundreds of times in your TM for segments, that probably won't help. And Remove Segments Without Letters probably won't be any good either, because the segments probably do contain letters.


That said, << looks very much like the first half of the French quotation marks, and since I don't have the problem with English of German quotation marks, I think they can be excluded somewhere in the settings.


Wouldn't adding the chevron characters to the 'Do not match' field on the 'Memory' tab in preferences fix this?


Amos: Wouldn't adding the chevron characters to the 'Do not match' field on the 'Memory' tab in preferences fix this?

Something like that I had in mind. No idea if it works.


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