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Mac Laptops

Hello savvy CafeTran users,

Well, I had to use my third-party warranty to be reimbursed for a crappy Asus laptop, and so now I am considering a Mac yet again.

I was wondering if you could share your reasoning for choosing and staying with a Mac as strictly a tool for translating.

In my case, all of the heavy work is done in CafeTran, but I have to final review in Trados and hand in Trados return packages for almost all of my clients.

If you are working only on the laptop, I'd suggest a bigger MacBook Pro pimped up with extra RAM, especially when using CT with DragonDictate. For doing only some work (in the evening, on the road) I'd suggest a MBA (also with extra RAM). Concerning Trados, I prefer VM Fusion to Parallels as you are allowed to use it on all your OS X devices, and IMHO it is a bit faster (and less noisy with its ads and extra apps).

For heavy work (all day long) I am using an iMac with 27''. Screen size is king, really.

Lunch discussion: I bought a laptop for my kid and she's already having troubles with it, whereas my white MacBook from 2007 is still running without a problem. I confirmed that this was my experience too. The other person said: but it was really expensive at that time. I replied: you can divide it by 10.
Anyway, you should wait for the new models which will probably be presented in October.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, I bought a massive Clevo barebones monster laptop back in 2009. It is actually a desktop motherboard and I7 cpu. 

It has been a great computer, still going strong, but it is really huge and heavy. Not portable, strictly a desktop replacement.

However, as my Big Moma TM continues to grow, the 6g of ram in that is just not enough.

I could add ram, but I want something that is actually portable.

I did go and check out some laptops at the local Staples and Best Buy.

I spent a few moments with the Macs, but I don't know, for me I just cannot get past the keyboard.

I simply hate it. I don't how anyone who types as much as a translator does can live with that keyboard.

Of course, compared to the mechanical keyboard I always use with my desktop, all laptop keyboards suck, but I just cannot see myself using the Mac keyboards and Samsung keyboards (which seem to be Mac copies).

Lenovo seemed to have the better keyboard feel, but I have never owned one or really considered that brand before.

You should consider

  • to use one of the smaller Mac keyboards. I have been working with one for the last four years, and I do not want to miss it – it has – like the laptop keyboard – most special characters with a simple shortcut included, and you always have a tidy desktop (eh, at least concerning the hardware stuff).
  • to use a stand, just to optimize your ergonomics, and/or use a substitute screen (Retina screen)
  • to put some extra RAM inside – this means about 16 GB in total. Some Apple retailers (you should at least have a look at a shop before buying online) have interesting offers for upgrading or special models.
  • not to worry about the price, just as Hans writes above. Well, he might exaggerate a bit, but it is realistic to divide the price at least by 3.

No, I mean the actual feel of typing on Mac keyboards. I cannot stand it.

Unfortunately, that alone is a deal-breaker for me.

I went ahead and took a bit of a risk by ordering a Lenovo P50 direct from them without having tried one out in the flesh.

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