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Export all doesn't work

I've never got export all to work - it always exports only one file.

Note that I never export to the default location - I think I once stumbled upon all files in the default location after using export all and selecting an alternative location, but with the job I completed yesterday this certainly isn't the case, so don't quote me on that.

Can this be fixed please?


I would second this. I just discovered this function doesn't work as well. I would also add my vote to the related point discussed in another thread that it would be extremely useful to be able to export a virtually glued document as a single file—it would be a very valuable feature.

Section breaks ( ) would make that difficult for MS Word documents.

What about just using it with documents that have no section breaks :) 

I'm presuming Cafetran would do the same thing I will do myself: copy and paste from each separate document into the new master document. 95% of the documents I translate have no issue with section breaks.

How to merge multiple Word documents: Alternatively: PDF join

For instance with FreePDF, you can merge consecutive print orders to merge output to one PDF.

On Mac, you can simply drag different PDF files into each other to combine them.

Thanks for the tips. That page you linked has good information on it. I'll check out the FreePDF, too.

Use FreePDF to merge multiple documents from different sources and apps to one PDF:

Please note that development of FreePDF will stop in June 2017.


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