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Problem with alignment

Hello experts,

I'm trying to align a document with "automatic" segmentation in order to work faster. It looks good, but there are some misalignments. I thought the "join source" and "join target" buttons would work only for "source" OR "target" segment, but if I try to join two source segments, the target segments get joined too and I can't solve the misalignment issue. Why don't the 2 buttons work independently? It is impossible to correctly the alignment this why...

Thanks for your help, cheers,


Hi Bruno,

The progressive alignment needs some getting used to. Use the center bar (between source and target segment editors) to join source or target segments separately. However, it only works that way if you are at the head of alignment progress. If you move back a few segments (e.g to review them) and join the reviewed/already aligned segments, the joining takes place both in the source and target segment. Just make sure you are joining yet unaligned segments and it should work as expected.

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