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Problem with alignment

Hello experts,

I'm trying to align a document with "automatic" segmentation in order to work faster. It looks good, but there are some misalignments. I thought the "join source" and "join target" buttons would work only for "source" OR "target" segment, but if I try to join two source segments, the target segments get joined too and I can't solve the misalignment issue. Why don't the 2 buttons work independently? It is impossible to correctly the alignment this why...

Thanks for your help, cheers,



it seems I'm having a similar problem, namely the "join target segments" does not work (the "add to memory and next target segment" and "next target segment" do not work either for that matter), thus the alignment feature does not work at all, since I do not have an option to join target or source segments independently of each other, which makes the workflow useless at the first misalignment. Should I create a ticket?

The buttons for source segments seem to work just fine, but there are translator's notes and stuff like that that I need to put together with individual target segments and that is simply not possible.

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