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CT stopped searching TMs and glossaries

 Hi, everyone!

I'm having a big problem. Today, when I started CT and loaded the project that I created yesterday, I noticed that CT no longer automatically searches the TMs and glossaries attached to the project, except for the ProjectTM (the project glossary isn't searched automatically either).

I have not changed any setting that prevents an automatic look-op (at least not intentionally). The "Automatic memory matching" option in the preferences is ticked, and the workflow integration of the TMs is set to "Automatic", not "Manual". Is there any setting that disables all searching in TMs/glossaries (except the ProjectTM) that I might have overlooked?

None of the TM's/glossaries I'm using is particularly large (the ProjectTM and the two read-only TMs are less than 1.5 MB in size altogether), so it can't be a memory problem.

I'm using the build of Update 15 that was uploaded yesterday, and the project was created with the first build of Update 15 (of three days ago). As the problem has never occurred before, I'm wondering if it's related to that update. Could reverting to Update 14 help? I tried with my previous CT project, which was created with Update 14, and CT searches the TMs and glossaries of that project as it should. (BTW, that project is much more memory-consuming than the current one.)

TIA for your advice!


Two things I forgot to mention:
After reopening the project, CT keeps showing all segments of the attached memories / all entries of the glossaries, even if I move between segments.
Searching all memories/glossaries using the search bar works without any problems.



Hi Martin,

Do language pairs and direction of the project and TMs match? You can revert to the update 14 and then again to update 15 to compare. You can submit a ticket, create a .ctp package of this project via Project > Export > To package... and attach it to the ticket. I will examine it.


The language pairs seem to match (and to be shown correctly with both updates). BTW, I use the reference TMs and glossaries in both directions but never had any problems doing so.

In the meantime, I created some new projects for the same job. I imported the segments I'd already translated from the old ProjectTM, or from a new TM that I'd imported the translated segments into. The result was always the same: When I closed the program and then reopened the project, CT wouldn't search the resources any more. Then I tried creating a new test project with a completely different source file but with the same TM and glossary resources (the language combination was also the same). This time the problem didn't occur, so my guess is that it has something to do with my source file.

Anyway, I'll now send you a package so that you can examine the problem.



At the moment, everything works fine again (no idea why).

But I'd rather not quit and restart CT to see what happens then (as I'm so glad things are back to normal right now).


Hooray! Now I did quit and restart CT - and everything's still fine!

But I'm still curious to know about the possible cause ...

Have a nice weekend,


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