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Mac users - something that baffles me

change case - what is the little sign pointing upwards ???

I have tried control, I have tried alt, I have tried cmd

and nothing happens ...




hmmm yes: tried shift =  on my keyboard (Spanish) and does not work ...

mepossem: hmmm yes: tried shift =  on my keyboard (Spanish) and does not work ...

Impossible, unless you don't use a Mac keyboard in which case I can't and won't help you.


Apple extended keyboard ... works a dream.

Think I ll just give up on this one ...

thanks for the comments BUT, as you can see on the screenshot - Cafetran makes a distinction with the arrow upwards key - see the top two ones.

On"keyboard", the small Apple app I can't see what the signs are, but the small upward icon is referred to as under ctrl.

Anyhow, I am left with my bafflement (and 20,000 words for monday ...)

just tried the shortcut for next segment, same problem. Oh well, have the mouse ...

Macs do come in Spanish version you know. Now I have another problem: how to get rid of cheatsheet. keeps popping up without any possibility of deleting it ... Gorgeous day ...

finally got rid of cheatsheet by restarting ...

simple trick to make caps automatically:

a. select in target segment

b. pointing at the target segment, you click CTRL+click

c. the icon to change caps appears ....

Thank you for all the help!


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