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I think I've been too naive: I expected translators must have been trained to listen carefully to what the writer of the text they are reading is trying to say, whether explicitly or implicitly, with as less preoccupation as possible.

Not only here, also on other online communities for translators, I've seen so many intentional or unintentional attempts to make me look somewhere else, sometimes at what they want me to look at.

I don't wanna be one of them. For me, translating something is neither a job nor labor nor means of making money. Nor is it an opportunity to make myself stand out.

It's part of my life, my way of living, my approach to the world I'm living in. Yes, I'm naive.

So, I've decided to go offline.

Thank you, everyone

Sorry to read this!

Don't you worry a bit, I'll volunteer as the moderator...


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