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TransTools for Mac

In the past I've corresponded with the developer of TransTools, Stanislav. I'd like to call all Mac translators to signal their interest to porting TransTools to Mac. It'd be great if at least a UI-free version of the Document Cleaner component could be made available for Word on Mac.
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Thanks for posting this. It will be interesting for me to gauge Mac users' interest in porting of Document Cleaner (or rather its Tag Cleaner command) to Office:mac 2011 and 2016. So far I received less than a dozen requests only. My previous analysis brought me to the conclusion that porting Tag Cleaner to Office:mac will require a lot of work because of the differences between VBA/object model in Word:mac and Word for Windows. Also, the UI needs to be much simpler because there are major deficiencies in dialogue components in Word:mac, so it will be impossible to make the interface the same in both environments. In the near future, I am going to start porting TransTools to .NET. This means that the development effort to port this code back to VBA in Office:mac will become even greater than it is now. I am also considering other solutions which should allow Mac users to remove tags from Word documents. Best regards, Stanislav Okhvat

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