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Merge and d-merge memories

Hello everybody:

I am slowly making the transition to Cafetran. This time I have a question regarding memories.

I created a new memory for my translation (A). As a reference I have two more memories (B and C) open in read-only mode. To accelerate the search for terms:

- is it possible to merge B and C only during this translation?

- will B and C be merged for ever? That is my greatest fear. I just would like to merge them during this translation

- Are there any other typs regarding simultaneous search in all memories?

Kind regards


Hi H.

Thanks for that prompt answer. Screenshot is very much appreciated.



The demented elderly translator wrongly stated: Memory | Join Memories...

Should be: Open both (or more) memories, and join the friggin' tabs...


  • Yes. Join memories in the Menu, Memory | Join Memories...

  • Nope. That's the difference between "Join" and "Merge"
  • All memories are always searched simultaneously, the only difference is, that when you manually search them, you'll have to click on there respective tabs if you haven't "joined" them.
For more on memories, see here and here.


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