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Help with sdlxliff files

Hi everyone,

I'm using the trial version of CafeTran and am a total newbie to CAT tools. I'm having trouble with sdlxliff files. I have a file from a client that apparently contains Match-Reps but when I open the sdlxliff file, there are no matches, just the source text as-is. Can anyone give me a step-by-step of how to open a file and view matches? 

Thanks in advance for any help!!

ajensen:... but when I open the sdlxliff file, there are no matches, just the source text as-is.

Apart from the SDLXLIFF file, did the client send you an SDLTM? Did she send you a "package"?


They did not. Just the SDLXLIFF. However, I think I may have figured it out! Seems like the "matches" were numbers. I didn't notice since I had my settings adjusted to automatically insert numbers. 

Thanks for your quick response :)

Sorry! Another question: I translated directly in the Sdlxliff file and now can't export to a Word document. Is there a way to do this? 

ajensen: Is there a way to do this? 

Nope, not in CafeTran. Just send the client the SDLXLIFF. If that's not good enough, ask a nice colleague who still uses Trados to export it for you. Not me, not only because I'm not nice, but mainly because I haven't used Trados in my entire translation life (20+ years), and I'm a Mac pur sang

However, if you only need the export to check what you've done (minus layout), you can export it as TXT or HTML. Project | Export | To HTML File... I usually go for HTML, open it in Word:mac, and select the 2nd column (translation) to set it to my target language for spell checking in Word.


Perfect, thank you! 

I was just having issues understanding how using these files works since it was the first time I had tried to work with one (in that the file is being edited directly and there is no new folder created or export). It is very easy now that I've figured it out.

And thanks for the tip about exporting to HTML. 

Aleshia: ...and there is no new folder created

No need for a new project folder because an SDLXLIFF file is already a project.


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