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"Track Changes" for sdlppx files

 Hi, everyone!

Tomorrow a client is going to send me an sdlppx package for proofreading (and perhaps also a bilingual Word document exported from Studio). The client mentioned that I could use the "Track Changes" feature for the proofreading. So my question is: Does CT offer anything like that? If not, it would be a very useful feature to implement (for proofreading projects).



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Is support for tracked changes somewhere in the pipeline?

Thanks for the link, Hans!

BTW, as long as changes can't be tracked in CT, I'll have a look at ChangeTracker, which you recommeded here a few weeks ago.


Here's my older posting. And yes, I'd be a fan of revisioning Studio projects in CafeTran!!! Not sure if it already has been implemented in memoQ ...

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I've requested this too, in another thread. You can search for it. And no it's not possible.

Oh, a typo in the subject line again!!

Dear admins, could you please correct it? TIA

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