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Changing case with numbers

When I mark a sentence (or a part of a sentence) that starts with a number and change case, the number gets unmarked. 

500 translators are swearing.

becomes (when changing the case)


The toggle function works without any problem, but this effect is highly irritating.

I'm an absolute fan of this smart case toggling. Though I see your point. Wouldn't like to miss the smart toggling though.

Indeed, but it remains irritating for anyone who did not expect this. And it does neither work with any number at the end nor (clearly enough) any number in the middle.

True! This is why I like it so much: in my manuals segments very often start with a bullet or dash, mostly in steps or other enumerations. And the there are these tons of error messages that have to be translated. (That's where I really make my money ;) ). CafeTran assembles them correctly, all I have to do is press ctrl+=: 346 empty the bin becomes 346 Empty the bin which is unique and über useful which you didn't deny of course
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