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REQ Consistency of language combinations (TM/TB/project)

I do not know how many CT users cover different language combinations.

But wouldn't it be helpful to have a warning prompt: „This TM/TB does not correspond to the project languages“ if the language combination does not match?

Example: Your last projects are ABC (ES-EN) and XYZ (FR-EN), and you are sometimes switching between them. After a break you restart CafeTran with project XYZ, but you do not realize that the wrong TMs and TBs are checked.

I use the system "<Language code> <Client name>/<Field>" to name my TMs, e.g. "FR BMW", and this is quite helpful to avoid this kind of trouble, but sometimes it would be helpful to get such as hint as mentioned above.

I agree. And also a system that would allow TMs and glossary to be opened automatically, based on the client name as part of the project (folder) name. CafeTran can be improved here. This probably goes into the direction of templates. Just as an example/for inspiration: type or pick the client name, CafeTran adds the date, creates the project and folder name, opens the TM and glossary with the client name. I realise that this assumes that you work in one language direction per client. You could of course type this combo/pick it in a selector to have it added to the project name: jansen2016-08-23de-fr for instance. However, sometimes you'd like to add information about the projects subject to the name: you'll have to type it: jansen2016-08-23de-fr_new-website
And while we're at it: such a naming convention would allow easy switching between projects: the correct TM and glossary will be opened / closed.

Just one question:

When closing a tab with a TM, this TM should be deactivated, right?

Because I just realize that such a TM (FR-DE instead of EN-DE) that has been closed (= tab closed) at the beginning of a project, has been rewritten to EN-DE and all TUs with FR-DE are overwritten with the EN-DE segments of this project. Thank God I have my back-up, but is this possible? Anyone can reproduce this? 

And as usual, I don't understand this. CT refers to the TMs used in the Project file, and they will open when you open the project, though you'll have to OK them, which makes sense. H.
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