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REQ: Prefix matching of glossaries

I use fragments TMX for prefix matching, so long as it is a pure "termbase" (source-target pair only).

But I have several dictionary-type glossaries I want to consult as they contain useful notes.

TMX files already have the Note field, but this field is hidden until the user does something on the pane, whilst the glossary notes are displayed at the same time.

However, the stem look-up feature does not work for an entry of more than one word.

So, I'd like to request prefix matching of glossaries (or if this is difficult, a glossary-like display of TM fragments [notes at a glance]).

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M: So, I'd like to request prefix matching of glossaries.

You want all TM for Fragments features enabled for those stupid tab dells. You're not the first one. Why on earth don't you just use TMX files? OK, why on earth don't you import that stupid tab del in a Memory for Fragments, if only temporarily?

This is apart from the fact that TMX files are better under ALL circumstances, and the fact that an unstructured file format like tab dells cannot have all TMX features.


Hi M,

You can also open the tab-delimited glossary directly in the Memory interface (Memory > Open memory..) to enjoy the Prefix matching. You will see the additional information like notes hovering over the numbered matches.


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