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Problem with auto-assembling (or wong settings?)

So I'm translating a file, but auto-assembling is prioritising nonsense fragment matches from the TM over glossary entries, despite the glossary priority being set to 'high' and the 'High priority for glossaries' box being checked on the 'Auto-assembly' preferences panel.

What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

(Note: I'm still on about Update 11, but there's been nothing on this in the release notes, so I assume that's not the issue.)

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Your last image shows the target segment which is not exactly the same as the 27% the assembled one. It may come from the autopropagation from another segment that has been assembled (and accepted) before. I will keep an eye on those percentage values and this thread.

For instance, now I get an automatic insertion with a 15% assembled match, although I defined the minimum auto-assembly insert threshold at 70%. In this case, even the automatic translation (MyMemory) was better (see pic).


Please check if you have activated "Automatic insertion of matches" in Preferences > Auto-assembling tab. 

Hi Igor, I see you're not watching the World Cup :D

I want the "automatic insertion of matches". Right? It's a great tool. If only I could optimise it, because for the moment it's not respecting the priority lists I defined in Preferences. That's the problem.


Auto-assembling preferences are explained here:

What Igor is saying, is that "Automatic insertion of matches" should be set to OFF, as it is by default.

If this option is ON, CafeTran systematically inserts the auto-assembling result to the target language box.

Note: Auto-assembling insert threshold (%) option, available in the Memory pane can be used to control the automatic insertion threshold for auto-assembling.

Also, I suggest you test having Auto-assembling insert threshold set to 90, instead of 70. You can still use the Auto-assembling suggestion via the Dashboard or via the F1 shortcut, then selecting the result to insert.

Got it. So maybe the feature name is not that intuitive, because I now still get match insertion even though "Automatic insertion of matches" is off, it just respects the % I set.

Another thing, is I now tried to activate option "Transfer source to empty target during translation" but nothing happens. What I am trying to optimise here, in general, is a way to totally prevent omission errors, either by using automatic insertion of fuzzy matches or copying source to target when fuzzy matches are too low.

Hello again Luisa,

The option "Transfer source to empty target during translation" should work if the target segment is empty, but it might be prevented by some other setting I can't think about.

Is it really useful or do you use this only as a workaround?

If the issues you describe occur in more than one projects, while the settings seem correct, I would consider Resetting all settings.

However, this can be a major endeavor (even if some settings are stored in the Project templates), and you would need to take some screenshots of the options you use, if you have customized them.

I only suggest it because clearly something is off, and I don't think this is due to some bug at this state.

Alternatively, you can run a separate CafeTran version to test this (and avoid unnecessarily resetting the preferences, if it does not help).

I understand you wish to optimise CafeTran to fit your needs and prevent any omissions, this might require some further preferences/options testing, exploration and customization.

I would be happy to help in that direction.


I'm a bit late to this thread, but it seems to me that the two settings "Automatic insertion of matches" (hereafter "AIOM") and "Auto-assembling insert threshold" (hereafter "AAIT") should be linked.

If I've understood the above discussion correctly, setting AIOM to 'ON' has exactly the same effect as reducing AAIT to 0% and silently overrides the actual AAIT setting.

Wouldn't it therefore be more intuitive if setting AIOM to 'ON' automatically changed the AAIT setting (or at least the displayed setting) to 0%, and amending the AAIT setting automatically turned AIOM off?

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