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A quick 22 words in between

Hoppla, I've just returned to my nice longer project and another client 'bothers' me with a quick 22 words in between. Super urgent of course.

 I have to close my big project with all the resources at the right place and translate these 22 words.

Though it's tempting to translate this MQXLIFF not in CafeTran, because I don't want to interrupt my current project, I have to close this project because I need the TM for these 22 words.

Long story short: how do you handle these in between jobs?

I sometimes do this: just throw the small interim job into your current big project, translate it, and then delete it from the big project.


Yeah, that's what I thought of too, but I'm a little afraid for project corruption. Which, probably, won't happen.

But I'd like pose one question. Assuming that the longer project consists of a single file and you work directly in CT – no packages, no mqxliff or sdlxliff files: 

What will happen to the xlf file?

This file will be called single_file.xlf. Will the segments of the 22-words job be added to this xlf file? Will they be deleted from the xlf file after deleting the file from the project?

I ask because some good clients get this file, and they would really be surprised about an easteregg of 22 words in this file. 

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