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Hello, everyone

I have made several requests about "accessibility" or "ease of use for newbies," which some may want to call "intuitiveness."

Here is a summary of those of my requests which are not found in CT yet, but may awaken in the users interest in a possibly higher level of usability (= laziness).

  1. One-click auto-insertion of glossary translations from the glossary pane into the target segment, as is now possible with TM fragments.
  2. Double-clicking on a word/phrase on the source segment would auto-insert the translation into the target segment, as is now possible with memoQ.
  3. One-click access to the glossary/TM "note" and other additional fields from the Match Bar. Hopefully, otherwise than automatically activating the Find operation (e.g., display on a separate window, so that the matches on the panes will not disappear).
  4. Different color highlighting on the source pane of the matches from the high-priority sources, just to make sure. Hopefully this should come with QA on the fly (a little bit smarter than DVX3).
  5. Cursor over a glossary entry would pop up the detailed information, including the alternative translations. An extended version of the currently available tooltip of a TM unit (which shows the context and other additional information).

The end of my will. Thank you.

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Just one note. Maybe I misunderstood you, but 

Point 1. this works at least from the glossary windows (I assume you are using the glossary bar), but one click should indeed always insert the whole glossary entry (if consisting of more than one word) – this would be nice

Point 2. this works from the grid, and a double-click from the source segment could easily/accidentally interfere with simply marking a word to search or filter for it. I prefer the actual behavior.

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