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REQ Freeze layout

How awfully nice would a Freeze command be, that would allow me to freeze the fine tuned layout for a particular project, with the exact location of all opened TMs and glossaries.

After returning to the frozen project, everything is back in its place exactly where it's supposed to be.

I must admit that I'm feeling a little stupid with this rearranging of windows at the beginning of a working day/after returning to a project.

Note that I'm not complaining here, just inspiring.

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>But doesn't that work pretty good already?


In the tabbed pane I normally have:

  • One TM
  • Bing Translator
  • Google Translate
The layout is like this:

When I restart CafeTran, the layout is wrong. So, when I use 2 TMs, everything goes wrong.

Yep, tiny problem in the scale of mankind but nevertheless, I thought that I should report it. Nano, nano.

Seconded in general.

But doesn't that work pretty good already?

In a similar manner, it would be nice to reopen memory folders when reopening a project (and to open always the TM when reopening Studio packages).

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