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REQ: GUI improvement (navigation)

In my humble opinion CT is a great and sophisticated tool, but there should be some improvement for the common translator (rookie), not only for uns  happy few.

When working with filters and the search function, the translator ist sometimes left alone (in the sense of "OMG, what exactly have I done now?").

  • the blue hopper that indicates there is a filter or a search running could be a bit more intrusive (a bit of red color perhaps, a red frame etc.). Another proposal would be a "(F)" and/or "(S)" behind the number of TUs.
  • Couldn't there be a text notice below "TRANSLATION UNITS" (respectively under the last segment) telling me why exactly there are no (or only a limited number of) TUs shown, e.g. "Searching for "<search term>": no (or: <xy>) results". Or: "Filtering for segments with font color: (or: <xy>) results".
  • And also any combination: "Filtering for segment notes AND Searching for "<search term>": no (or: <xy>) results".
  • additional: the possibility to align the search pane to the left (or to the right) would be highly appreciated from my side

This would be a question of usability (for beginners and the elderly among us) and convenience.

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