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Nice ct notebook

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In review: HP Omen 15 (2016). Test model courtesy of notebooksbilliger.deIn review: HP Omen 15 (2016). Test model courtesy of

Faced with stiff (gaming) competition, the HP Omen has a hard time standing out. While one can't really go wrong with the 15-inch system, the notebook nonetheless fails to make it into our Top 10 and much less all the way to the top of our charts. 

The high-end notebook misses the 80 percent mark for two main reasons. Firstly, unlike most manufacturers, HP incorporates a - from a quality standpoint - just average FHD display. Both the brightness as well as color coverage don't quite measure up to the high price (a 4K panel is optional). 

Secondly, the Omen's port selection is rather meager. In 2016, a notebook costing 1300 Euro (~$1470) should feature at least a DisplayPort and a USB 3.1 Gen2 port - at least in our opinion. The quality of the speakers and the chassis (creaking sounds etc.) could also be improved.

All in all, we found working with the Omen still to be an enjoyable experience, since there are no show-stopping shortcomings. Despite the aforementioned flaws, the 15-inch HP Omen is a well-rounded and good-looking gaming notebook.

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