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MacType (free) can make those "pixely" fonts on Windows look almost as beautiful as if on Mac. Very cool, especially for Japanese fonts. It's fully compatible with CafeTran.

Without it:

With it:

These screenshots are of CafeTran on a 200% enlarged screen (24-inch 4K display).

On Retina Macbook Pro:

It's NOT compatible with the new update. Do NOT use it after updating!



If you are using this software, be sure to disable or uninstall it before installing Windows 10 Creators Update; otherwise, virtually all characters will disappear from your system!


An update has finally been released (download from here). No need to do the additional labor mentioned above.

MacType does not work with Windows 10 Anniversary Update; it even causes the entire system to abort suddenly!

The culprit is two dll. files, EasyHK32.dll and EasyHK64.dll (used to hook Windows' font renderer), which are found in the MacType folder. After updating these files, MacType works perfectly.

The up-to-date files are available for download from this siteYou can find the clickable links somewhere in the middle of the page (highlighted in orange).

Just move the downloaded files to the MacType folder to replace the old ones.

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