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REQ Shell command/integration to run Checkmate

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Checkmate is the QA Tool part of the Okapi Framework, which is an open source suit of applications to support the localization process. That means, the Framework includes some other tools, but Checkmate is the one you want to perform quality checks on your files. It supports many bilingual file formats, like XLIFF, TTX, and TMX. Some of the checks you can run are: repeated words, corrupted characters, patterns, inline codes differences, significant differences in length between source and target, missing translations, spaces, etc. The patterns section is especially interesting; I will come back to it in the future. Checkmate produces comprehensive error reports in different formats. It can also be integrated with LanguageToolan open source spelling and grammar checker. You can get Checkmate here.

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Some kind of integration of Checkmate could be useful.

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