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Editing tab name of WEB resources

Small request - but will give a lot of clarity...

I would like to have a possibility to edit the name visible at the tab. The main reason - they are often too long and require a lot of space.

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You would like to remember CafeTran these changes between sessions and even between projects?

And, BTW, is this a screenshot from Linux? I don't recognise these tabs ;).

I never tried, but I suppose you can change the name of the *.res file in /Applications/ which would then show up in the tab.


The tab's title for a web resource is taken from the web page being loaded into CafeTran. The program already limits it to 27 characters but limiting it to 20 characters might result in the clearer look indeed.


Thank you for your answers.
I meantime I discovered a not preferable behaviour - for some resources the name it the tab consists the word sent to translation ( "description" in this) case or a message.

for me the optimal solution could be displaying just the name of the *.res file. It should be easy to implement, as it is displayed before the resource becomes active (i.e. there is no connection to it).



The display of tab titles will be improved in the next update.

Thank you, Igor.
And thank you so much for the Cafetran as such - it is wonderful! - and for the way you develop it. I know that you listen to our needs.



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