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Autocomplete without scroll bar

Would it be possible to get a AC panel without a scroll bar, e. g. by limiting the maximum number of hits (that can – if possible – be set by the user)?

Just for those people who use AC and keyboard and who try to use an AC entry at the visible bottom of the AC list and suddenly are at at the bottom of a quite long list.

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I hope that you don't get paid by the word, with these long words ;). I also see that you are facing the same irregularity as I am: Probeneinlass-Stecker versus Probeneingangsanschluss.

Concerning word counts, with its – basically – very good auto-completion feature, CT does a kind of compensatory justice.

Germans better get paid by source words (a PDF conversion nearly always pays off for me). Counting by target words for the same price means 20 % less money, at least in my language combinations.

And yes, these Deppenbindestriche: These words – Probeneinlass-Stecker and Probeneingangsanschluss, AFAIR both from the TM – are small and ugly monsters. I always opt for the term that is easier to read.

Hi Torsten,

I managed to increase that Autocompletion panel in the last update.


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