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REQ Import of mQ CSV glossaries from MQOUT packages

Yep, I know that I'm overstretching this but on the other hand: my request are based on practical needs. Looks like these days all my clients (and their clients !) are installing mQ servers/start sending MQOUT packages. You're mileage may vary. In preparation of full and seamless support of MQOUT packages, a first step would be to enable import of the specific glossary CSV files that are embedded in MQOUT packages. They contain a lot of unnecessary columns and what's worse: the language columns are ordered alphabetically, instead of natural--as in the project:source language-target language. Yep, I'm aware of spreadsheet software, but that's only a work-around, isn't it.
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For the time being and if you're on a Mac, you can contact me to get a Keyboard Maestro macro that will process the mqout package and offer you the mqxliff, any embedded TMX and CSV (glossary) file.

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