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Studio packages with several TMs

Yesterday I got a Studio package with several TMs (this is a general exception, I assume).

CafeTran does a great job to glue these TMs in a single TM (at least I assume it does), as this is uncluttering the GUI. But afterwards it is impossible to distinguish the TMs, just in case the client has a preferential TM.

I do not have an exact idea, but how could the hits of these Studio TMs easily be distinguished? To be more precise, having the idea that the name of the TM should appear somewhere (and only in this case with several TMs) without cluttering the GUI, where could this be?

I don't have a solution for your question but I can tell you how I deal with this: I unpack the packages manually and assign one of three priorities to the TMX files.

To be more precise, there are four Studio TMs. Okay, in most cases, you will be told that TM x is the most important reference and/or TM y is not reliable.

But with this procedure I would have to open (and arrange) four (additional) TM tabs.

Is there any more convenience possible?

>Is there any more convenience possible?

I'm afraid, not. And you'll probably be wanting to keep some TMs with a lower priority out of auto-assembling. If you're using that at all.

The problem described above is a minor matter, and the TMs are small enough to keep one out of AA.

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