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REQ: Layout remarks

Would it be possible to implement the following points?

  • avoid that the tabs jump around each other depending on the overall window width, e.g. let TM and TB (and several other windows) always stay side by side or top/bottom or let windows joined to the segment panes always remain below or to the right of the panes
  • shift the window width along a grid of 1,25 cm (or any other value) instead of a steeples movement (similar to tables in Word, but this should be only optional)
  • be able to split joined tabs evenly with a single right click command (see below)

I'd be happy if I could join Google Translate and Bing Translator permanently.

Indeed, this would correspond with the grouping of resources I asked some time ago.


  • Google & Bing
  • <first selected TM> & <general TB>


Just to illustrate this issue:

  • Join tab A with tab B will give 50 % width to each.
  • Join these joined tabs A and B with C will give about 25 % width to A and B and about 50 % width to C.


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